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Our Story

Welldesk is a beacon of positivity born from adversity

Welldesk was created in 2021, by two close friends, Michael Howell and Adam Prince. Their past difficult life events and mental health struggles have given them the drive to create a platform to help others.


Michael is only now able to talk openly about his mental health journey, after many years of suppression, unable to re-live the experiences of child abuse, thoughts of suicide, followed by a heart attack at 30.

As a young boy, Adam’s biological father left the household, leaving lasting damage of fear and anxiety. Sadly Adam’s adopted father lost his life in 2019, re-opening old wounds of abandonment, followed closely by the suicide of a close friend. 

The loss of their close mutual friend from suicide in 2020 was the final straw.  


Something had to change and fast

They had some confronting life-challenging questions and could find no answers. The overarching theme was top of mind for both of them - with all the challenges of modern day life, where is the support network?

'There needs to be a made-for-purpose workplace assistance program that is personalised, proactive, ongoing, usable and deeply practical'

Mindsets need to change. The ingrained traditional concept of ‘workplace responsibility’ and what that could, should, can or cannot provide is evolving out of necessity.


Michael and Adam resolved to create a workplace-based conduit of employee support, a hub of wellbeing, a welldesk: an effective workplace-provided enabler of personal improvement.


Once the challenge of providing employees everywhere with the access to a holistic path to wellbeing was conceptualised into a professionally conceived and curated wellbeing plan, Welldesk was on the road to making a difference...

A life changing difference… for good

The Team

We are a skilled and passionate team, working towards one goal - to change lives in a positive way.

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